Amenity wellness

Amenity wellnesstřída Tomáše Bati 5636, Zlín
Phone number: +420 577 011 654, +420 725 126 166
e-mail: info@amenityzlin.czwww.amenity-wellness-spa.cz

Whirlpool, a relax room, sauna, sanarium KLAFS, salty steam bath, Kneipp path, massage, hairdressing salon, cosmetics, wellness packages, café bar.

Wellness Galaxie

GalaxieVršava 679, Zlín
Phone number: +420 571 118 980 
e-mail: info@galaxiezlin.czhttp://hotel.galaxiezlin.cz/wellness 

Whirlpool, sauna, massage.


City Spa Zlín

Lázně ZlínHradská 888, Zlín
Phone number: +420 577 599 911, e-mail: info@laznezlin.czwww.laznezlin.cz

Swimming pools, steam chambers, sauna, whirlpool, massage.


Hébé – center of health and beauty

Hébé ZlínŠtefánikova 2905, Zlín
Phone number: +420 577 012 180, +420 602 162 722 
e-mail: info@hebezlin.czwww.hebezlin.cz

Massage, wet packs, hydrocolon therapy, tanning salon, manicure, pedicure, sauna.

THERAP - center of health and relaxation

Therap ZlínŠtefánikova 2532, Zlín
Phone number: +420 739 444 263, +420 730 890 969 
e-mail: info@relaxzlin.cz, www.relaxzlin.cz

Private wellness for 2–5 persons, relaxation programs, wine, hemp and beer baths, one-day spa, massage.

Wellness in Lesní hotel****

Lesní hotelFilmová 4346, Zlín
Phone number: +420 577 053 699, e-mail: info@lesni-hotel.cz, www.lesni-hotel.cz

By reservation only. Whirlpool, finnish sauna, salt steam bath, cooling pool, shower with tropical rain.

Wellness center in hotel Baltaci U Náhonu***

hotel Baltaci U NáhonuPodvesná IV/3946, Zlín
Phone number: +420 732 600 500
e-mail: hotel.zlin@baltaci.czwww.baltaci.cz

By reservation only. Whirlpool, steam bath, finnish sauna, cooling pool, relaxation cave.


Wellness center in hotel Baltaci Atrium*****

hotel Baltaci AtriumLešetín II/651, Zlín
Phone number: +420 605 000 200, +420 577 004 100
e-mail: booking@baltaci.czwww.baltaci.cz

By reservation only. Relaxation whirlpool, steam bath, finnish sauna, relax place, massage salon.



Wellness Vita Sana

Wellness Vita SanaJ. A. Bati 5648, Zlín (Svit area, building Max32)
Phone number: +420 776 445 566, e-mail: info@vitasana.czwww.vitasana.cz 

Finnish sauna, steam bath, whirlpool, cooling pool, massage, physiotherapy. Only for club members.


Avana wellness Zlín

Avana wellness Zlínsquare T. G. Masaryka 1280, Zlín
Phone number: +420 777 844 520, e-mail: avana@avana.cz, www.avana.cz

Whirlpool, relaxing and energizing massage, finnish and steam sauna for 5 persons, peelings.

Energy massage

Energy massagesquare Práce 2523, Department store Zlín, Zlín
Phnone number: +420 577 055 070, e-mail: energymasaze@valachy.cz, www.energymasaze.cz

Ayurvedic and Thai massages from experienced masseurs and masseuses from Thailand and Sri Lanka, relaxation room.

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