Zlínsko and Luhačovicko

1. Brumov - Bylnice

GPS: N 49°5.45262', E 18°1.38567'; 52 km from Zlín

Brumov-Bylnice - hrad BrumovThe historic centre of Brumov and the nearby working-class settlement was declared a town conservation area in 1995. The most significant memorial in the town is the medieval castle Brumov which guarded the business path from Moravia to Hungary, then the church of St. Václav, a Jewish cemetery, the town hall, the buildings of the former brewery from the 16th century with four ponds and a glass-making settlement in the village of Sidonie that was established at the end of the 19th century. You can also visit the glass factory in Sidonie or the town museum (Městské museum) with the permanent exposition aimed at the life of people living under the Brumov castle, examples of typical crafts and household equipment can be seen here.

Informační centrum

Information center
Podzámčí 861, Brumov-Bylnice
Phone number: +420 577 330 138, www.brumov-bylnice.cz

2. Fryšták

GPS: N 49°17.11227', E 17°41.00778'; 8,2 km from Zlín

Škola ve FryštákuAndrýsek´s educational trail that is 7 km long and along which you can find the total of 12 stops will take you through Fryšták. It is named after the mythical oldest citizen of Fryšták – Andrýsek. You can have a nice walk through the centre of the town around the foundations of the church of St. Mikuláš, Fryšták´s little castle or Sichrov hillock. There is also a damn in the municipality which is a favourite destination for fishermen.


3. Hostišová

GPS: N 49°15.22090', E 17°35.46262'; 12,4 km from Zlín

Rozhledna Na StrážnéAbove the municipality on the highest point called Strážný you will find a wooded park with a viewing tower the keys to which can be borrowed from the nearby pub. In favourable weather, the viewing tower offers a view of Velká Javořina, pilgrimage church in Hostýn and the whole Haná area up to the foot of the Jeseníky mountains. In the surroundings, you can admire white rendered buildings made out of straw and clay, earthenware walls to climb through and a furnace, insect hotels and herbal spiral.

4. Jasenná - Mikuláštíkovo fojtství

GPS: N 49°15.63212', E 17°53.72695'; 21,3 km from Zlín
Jasenná 60

This national cultural heritage site dated from 1748 is the best preserved-building of its kind in Valašsko region. The building was built by the reeve Jiří Mikulaštík and it is a typical timbered house with a gallery to the front. In five rooms you can view an exposition about the history of the municipality Jasenná and village life in the Valašsko region.

5. Kaňovice

GPS: N 49°6.54325', E 17°41.92477'; 16,8 km from Zlín

KaňoviceIn the municipality, you can find a distinctive clay house that characterizes the Zálesí area. According to the date that was chiselled into the beam in the room,  it was established in 1788. The house is listed in the central List of immovable cultural monuments of the Czech Republic as well as the two-storey chamber called špýchar (established in 1796), that belongs to the farming homestead.

6. Lukov castle

Hrad LukovGPS: N 49°18.18060', E 17°44.47560'; 13 km from Zlín
Obec Lukov

Phone number.: +420 608 568 142, e-mail: sprava@hradlukov.cz, www.hradlukov.cz 

You can comfortably cycle to the castle from Zlín – the majority of the trail leads along a marked cycle path, the rest you can cycle on the road and through a comfortable path in the woods which is suitable for mothers with pushchairs as well.

Lukov is a romantic castle ruin in the foothills of the Hostýn mountain range. Close to the castle, you can find educational trails which circle through the Lukov woods – the basic trail is 8 km long, the longer trail is 10,5 km long. The longer trail consists of turnings containing cultural monuments of Ondřejovsko, Bzová and Králky (rock formation). Then it continues to Lukov castle where you can participate in two loops around the area of the castle. In 2014 a new educational trail was opened which points out noteworthy and dominant trees. It leads through the northern slope of the castle and following the trail it is possible to walk around the whole castle. In the entrance tower of the castle, you can find an exposition about the rebellions in Valašsko region at the times of rebellion during the Thirty Years War. In the basement of the western part of the castle, there is an exposition devoted to the history of the castle and archaeological findings. The sound system panorama of Hungarian troops conqeuring the in the second half of 15th century is also very attractive. In the area of the castle, you can also find a chapel dedicated to St. Jan Křtitel. Many social attractions take place in the castle such as a witch-burning night, the day of trees, advent market, scary tour round the castle or locust day. The operator of the castle which is the alliance of the friends of Lukov castle also offers attractive educational programmes for basic schools. You should not miss the rocks either as they have been a sought after destination for mountain climbers as several dozen climbing paths can be found here. These can be found on the southern side of the castle.

Did you know that under the castle there is the biggest oak tree in the Zlín area - „Valdštejn´s  oak tree"?

Its age is estimated to be 300 years old at least. Based on a fable the tree was planted by the former owner of the castle Albrecht z Valdštejna.  The massive branched out oak tree grows on the southern hillside of the castle and it is a protected tree.

7. Luhačovice

GPS: N 49°5.98932', E 17°45.44837'; 27,9 km from Zlín

Lázně LuhačoviceIt is the biggest Moravian spa resort with free access to healing mineral springs the most famous of which is Vincentka. It is also worth visiting the spa park with the springs and the colonnade that is livened up with concerts and festivals. You will be charmed by the extraordinary architecture, above all the unique buildings by Dušan Samo Jurkovič, expositions in the Muzeum Luhačovického Zálesí. The town offers many cultural and social attractions as well as facilities for relaxation and sports for the active rest of adults as well as families with children. The beautiful nature surrounding it lures you to walks as well as more demanding walking tours, cycling and horse riding. In the wintertime it is pleasant to connect wellness with cross-country skiing on the maintained cross-country trails of downhill skiing on the local hill.

Look at the amazing pictures of Luhačovice! This spot was made by satisfied visitors of this beautiful spa resort.

TIP! The longest natural water slide in the Czech Republic

Informační centrumInformation center
Masarykova 950, Luhačovice
Phone number: +420 577 133 980, www.luhacovice.cz

8. Mysločovice

GPS: N 49°15.23920', E 17°33.70602'; 12,8 km from Zlín

Cyklopark MysločoviceAn interesting monument in the municipality is the church of Nejsvětější Trojice from the year 1752. An adrenalin experience can be found on the single-track campus called Cyklopark Mysločovice. The entry point is by the gazebo under the cemetery and from then the track ascends to Mysločovský Háj. Try out the tilting bends, wooden bridges, terrain waves or the special 60meter long wooden bridge. The track is built in accordance with nature so that it perfectly unifies with the complexion of the locality and at the same time offers people great fun.

9. Napajedla

GPS: N 49°10.29350', E 17°30.71663'; 14,9 km from Zlín

Radnice v NapajedlíchAmong the most significant monuments of the town is the new renaissance town hall, the church of St. Bartoloměj and a castle built in the style of French baroque. Tourists’ favourite destinations are also Hřebčín Napajedla and the recreational area Pahrbek (www.pahrbek.cz), where you can find beautifully equipped bungalows, natural swimming pools, boat rental, paddle boat rental or bike rental as well as a mini-golf course. You should not miss the mineral water Slanica either. The spring is situated on the southwest part of Napajedla, in the near neighbourhood of the train underpass located under Chřib mountain range. A cycle path connects Napajedla with Otrokovice and Uherské Hradiště, it is a part of the spiral long-distance track from Kroměříž to Hodonín along the river banks of Morava and Bata´s canal.

Zámek NapajedlaChateau Napajedla – the chateau was designed by Brno based architect F. A. Grimm in the French baroque style and the chateau was built during the years 1764–1769. Currently, it is private and the public is offered guided tours of the historic halls, cookery courses, a unique wedding experience, family celebration or company team-building exercises as well as the possibility to stay for the night in style in well-equipped rooms which you can spend a pleasant night. The opening times and entrance fees can be found on the web site.

Muzeum Napajedla (Komenského 304, Napajedla) – The Muzeum is located in the representative areas of the building of a former monastery. The most interesting exhibition is Hřiště hraček, which was designed by the well-known designers Libuše Niklová and Alfréd Klug. The author of the exhibition, the son of Libuše Niklová, has designed the room as one big „Člověče, nezlob se!“ which is a game similar to Ludo! Unique blow up toys are still being made directly in Napajedla and can be purchased in the information centre that is located in the building of the museum. Apart from the toy exhibition, you can also see other permanent exhibitions that can be found in the building of the museum: Příběh města and Slavia, příběh továrny. You should not miss temporary exhibitions about the history and regional and current or youth art exhibitions either.

Hřebčín NapajedlaHřebčín Napajedla – the horse-breeding farm was established in 1886 by Aristid Baltazzi, the husband of the countess of Stockaou. Currently, it is the most significant producer of racing horses in the Czech Republic. It orientates to the breeding of English thoroughbred horses. During an excursion, you will learn a lot of interesting information, see the beautiful horses and a unique complex of stables. Remember to book in advance, a tour without booking in advance is not possible. All the contact information can be found on the web site.

Informační centrumInformation center
Komenského 304, Napajedla
Phone number: +420 577 944 247, www.ic.napajedla.cz

10. Otrokovice

GPS: N 49°12.59497', E 17°31.84603'; 11,9 km from Zlín

OtrokoviceAs well as in Zlín, in Otrokovice you can admire Bata´s architecture – houses, factory buildings and also a unique cultural monument – Společenský dům - the communal house by the author Vladimír Karfík. Apart from the architecture the town also offers several places for recreation – for example the premises Štěrkoviště, where an artificial lake with grass beaches and maintained entries to water can be found. You can also have a swim while in the local district Baťov, where there is an open-air swimming pool. If you like nature, directly in the town on the side of the airport you will find a natural monument Na Letišti – which is a place where many amphibians, beetles and various plants occur. Otrokovice can also become your starting point for the trips along Chřiby or cycling around Bata´s canal along which you can have a boat ride as well.


Informační centrumInformation center
nám. 3. května 1302, Otrokovice
Phone number: +420 571 118 103, www.besedaotrokovice.cz

11. Památník Ploština

GPS: N 49°11.70457', E 17°57.50725'; 31,3 km from Zlín

Památník PloštinaThe nearby Drnovice where there used to be a steward of the land´s dwelling place which was burnt down in April 1945 by the Nazis for harbouring and supporting partisans. In the 1970´s Plošina was pronounced a National culture monument and the dominating the place is a monument devoted to the victims of World War II. The victims of the tragedy are remembered in the chapel containing the names of the murdered people. One of the preserved houses was changed into an exhibition place devoted to the antifascist resistance.

12. Pozlovice

GPS: N 49°7.75280', E 17°46.15520', 20 km from Zlín

Pozlovice - přehradaThe community of Pozlovice lies on the very border of a protected natural area Karpaty, close to Luhačovice. The character of the landscape is completed by a reservoir that is nowadays used mainly for recreational purposes – it offers swimming, water sports as well as fishing and there is also an educational trail around the area as well as a health trail with body exercise machines around it. The whole circular trail is also suitable for inline skating and cycling. Should you not wish to swim in the reservoir you can visit a modern open-air swimming pool Duha with a water slide, water chute and other attractions for children as well as adults. The church of St. Martin from the 16th century that was then rebuilt in baroque style in the 18th century dominates the municipality.
www.duha.pozlovice.cz, www.pozlovice.cz

13. Provodov

GPS: N 49°9.61580', E 17°44.20735', 13 km from Zlín

The pilgrim church of Panna Marie Sněžná from 1750 is the most remarkable building close to this municipality, in the place called Malenisko. The church catches the eye due to its architectural clarity as well as its beautiful location. It is a well-known Marian pilgrim destination, the main pilgrimage takes place on Sunday around the name day of Panna Marie Sněžná (5th August). Close to the church, there is also a way of the cross and a chapel with a water spring bubbling out under the main outside altar. The local water is meant to have miraculous effects – you can come and try it to see if it is so yourself. 

14. Slavičín

GPS: N 49°5.27915', E 17°52.40928'; 33,1 km from Zlín

Slavičín - Památník americkým letcůmThe most significant monuments of Slavičín are the baroque chateau and the church of St. Vojtěch, that is the oldest building in the town and at the same time one of the oldest churches in the area. It is said that St. Vojtěch lived here in the year 985 and that is why the church is devoted to him. The chateau Slavičín is from 1970 and is built in baroque style. Today the chateau serves the purpose of a restaurant and a wine bar and the neighbouring park is a beautiful spot for relaxation and walking. You can also find there a children`s playing area and a pavilion for music activities, a skittle alley, volleyball courts and an amphitheatre with a summer cinema.

Slavičín - Pivečkův lesoparkWhen visiting Slavičín do not miss Piveček´s wooded park either, this was built in 1940. You can have a rest here while viewing wooden sculptures created by young sculptures. The wooded park is accessible from the street K Parku. In the town, you can also find a monument devoted to the American pilots who died during the air battle over Slavičín on 29. 8. 1944.


Informační centrumInformation center
Mladotické nábřeží 849, Slavičín
Phone number: +420 577 342 251, www.mesto-slavicin.cz

15. Slušovice

GPS: N 49°14.86908', E 17°48.08983'; 14,2 km from Zlín

The town is dominated by the church Narození sv. Jana Křtitele from the first half of the 19th century. You can find here a well-known horse racing track, stables, possibilities for equestrian tourism and a golf course with the curiosity of all of the nine holes being located within the horse racing oval.
www.dostihyslusovice.cz, www.slusovice.cz

16. Spytihněv

GPS: N 49°8.46910', E 17°29.88492'; 17,8 km from Zlín

Baťův kanál ve SpytihněviThis is one of the oldest municipalities in the Czech Republic. In the 1930s Spytihněv became a part of a unique water piece; this is where by the first boating lock Bata´s canal is divided from the Morava river bed. In the harbour you will find refreshments, toilets, showers and drinking water. You can camp here, moor your boat, park a car to hire a boat. Here is a boating lock as well as an entrance to the water.
www.spytihnev.cz; www.pujcovnalodi.cz, www.hamboot.cz

17. Tečovice

GPS: N 49°13.26405', E 17°35.24005'; 8 km from Zlín

Kostel svatého Jakuba VětšíhoOriginally Romanesque church of St. Jakub Větší belongs to one of the oldest building monuments in the Zlín region. In the interior there are some preserved unique mural frescos from the 14th century. You can stop here for example when cycling along the cycling route number 471, which leads from Zlín to Otrokovice.


18. Tlumačov

GPS: N 49°15.21030', E 17°29.73512'; 17,4 km from Zlín

One of the most significant monuments of the municipality is the church of St. Martin, manor house number 90, the vicarage, the chapel behind the church or the column with the sculpture of the Holy trinity. Tlumačov is well-known thanks to horses since 1925 the stately owned horse breeding farm can be found here. On the outskirts of the town, you can find a natural reserve called Tlumačovská tůňka where rare amphibious animals live.

Informační centrum

Information center
nám. Komenského 170, Tlumačov
Phone number: +420 577 929 023, www.kis.tlumacov.cz

19. Topolná

GPS: N 49°7.31202', E 17°32.66013'; 21,2 km from Zlín

Agricultural estates number 90 and 93 catch your attention because of their exhibitions of folk living conditions, original pigsties with tools, artefacts for washing and clothes pressing, fruit dryer, beehive, smokehouse or lever and timbered well. In the summer you can have a swim in the natural swimming pool with grass beaches.
Slovácko muzeum, www.topolna.cz

20. Valašské Klobouky

GPS: N 49°8.43817', E 18°0.45600'; 46,3 km from Zlín

One of the most interesting monuments of the town is the building of the Old town hall with the exhibition called Pravěk jižního Valašska, also a pillory, church Povýšení svatého Kříže with a rare baptistery or Červený dům, that is part of the museum of Valašské Klobouky and introduces several traditional crafts – drapery, cloth producers and dyers. You can also see wooden buildings called dřevěnice which were the folk dwellings at the end of 18th and beginning of 19th century. Many traditional events that take place in the town can remind you of the former glory of Valašské Klobouky from the times when it was the centre for drapers. Among the most interesting cultural events you can see: Valašské kumštování (July), Setkání muzikantů v Bílých Karpatech (August) or Valašský mikulášský jarmark (December).

Informační centrum

Information center
Masarykovo nám. 103, Valašské Klobouky
Phone number: +420 577 311 150, www.infocentrum-valasskeklobouky.cz

21. Vizovice

GPS: N 49°13.37223', E 17°51.27270'; 15,7 km from Zlín

Zámek VizoviceIn the town made famous by plum brandy (slivovitz) which is a spirit made out of plums and the production of a figural bakery, there is a beautiful chateau with a park, church of St. Vavřinec, column with the statue of Bolestná P. Marie and other monuments. You can also find here a manual glass factory and during the excursion, you will get acquainted with the work of the glassmakers on the smelting plant. Visit also Distillery Land, where you can learn about the traditional production of slivovitz. Remember to book in advance for the excursion. There are many tourist and cycle paths and trails around Vizovické vrchy.


Informační centrumInformation center
Masarykovo nám. 1008, Vizovice
Phone number: +420 577 599 111, www.icvizovice.eu

22. Všemina

GPS: N 49°16.86002', E 17°52.60930'; 21,3 km from Zlín

Activitypark hotel VšeminaYou can have a swim in the damn and the whole family can have fun on the premises of the Activity park hotel Všemina. Visit also Ranč Všemina, which offers horse rides.




23. I. dřevěná zoo

GPS: N 49°16.22440', E 17°46.07658'; 14,3 km from Zlín
I. dřevěná zooOstrata 2,
Phone number: +420 604 915 012, www.prvnidrevenazoo.cz

This unique zoo that is the only one of its kind in the Czech Republic prepared by the owner mainly for the fun for his children. All of the animals are made out of wood so the children can stroke them without fear, take a picture or mount them. Part of the entrance fee is devoted to the trust Good Angel so when you visit you will do a good deed as well. It is open daily from May to September always from 10.00 am to 7.00 pm.


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