Basic information about Zlin

The regional capital Zlín is situated in the east part of Moravia, on the border between the Hostýn and Vizovice highlands. It extends into three ethnographic regions –  Moravian Wallachia, Haná and Moravian Slovakia. It is closest to Moravian Wallachia with its character. Zlín stands in the valley of the Dřevnice Stream, which runs along the entire length of the town. The surrounding landscape is hilly.



Area of Zlín 103 km2
Area of Zlín district 1,034 km2
Area of Zlín Region 396,312 ha
Altitude 223 m above sea level
Kudlov suburb 394 m above sea level
Latitude N49°13'36.71"
Longitude E17°40'8.32"

Distance from selected towns

Town Distance (km)
Prague 300
Brno 95
Plzeň 390
Ostrava 110
Bratislava 170
Budapest 400
Vienna 180
Munich 660
Berlin 580
Paris 1,300
Zürich 980


The town's symbols

The town emblem

Znak města Zlína






The town flag

Městská vlajka




Important personalities of Zlín (external link)


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