1. Bunč

GPS: N 49°10.92663', E 17°20.78307'; 33,6 km from Zlin

Pilgrim trails have been crossing here since long ago - Bunč is a crossroad of hiking trails as well as cycle paths running in all directions. You can find here a big cottage for tourists with a restaurant. In the region of Bunč, you can also see the remaining part of the so-called "Bata´s motorway" – banks of unfinished road.

2. Bystřice pod Hostýnem

GPS: N 49°23.95425', E 17°40.44073'; 29 km from Zlin

Bystřice pod HostýnemThe most significant sightseeing place in the town is the chateau from the first half of the 15th century which represents a unique example of the gradual modernization of manor houses. Then you can visit the church of St. Jiljí, the chapel of St. Vavřinec, a unique plane tree alley by Bystřička or Loudon´s cemetery built-in 1894 by Arnošt from Loudon. In the information centre in the chateau, you can borrow bikes and you can get cooler in the Park Zahájené, where you will find an open-air swimming pool. The source of the photograph: archive of the town Bystřice pod Hostýnem. 

Informační centrum

Information center
Pod Platany 2, Bystřice pod Hostýnem
Phone number: +420 573 501 901, www.mubph.cz

3. Ruins of Cimburk castle

GPS: N 49°6.22752', E 17°12.94943'; 57 km from Zlin

CimburkCimburk is a ruin of a gothic castle looming over Koryčany water reservoir. The castle was abandoned at the beginning of 18th century and up till now only the remains of the three-story palace with a circular tower and bastion from the16th century have remained. In one of the bastions, you can find an exhibition about the history and development of the castle.




4. Holešov

GPS: N 49°19.99862', E 17°34.69925'; 18,9 km from Zlin

Zámek HolešovIn Holešov there is a castle from the second half of the 17th century and a tour of which can be lightened up by a visit to the gallery with exhibitions from famous artists. A vast French park with the water system in the shape of Neptune´s trident and an observatory are also part of the premises. In the town, you can also find significant Jewish memorials – a cemetery and a synagogue. All of the places of interest can be visited as a part of the town sightseeing tour.
Informační centrumInformation center

nám. F. X. Richtra 190, Holešov
Phone number: +420 571 160 880, www.holesov.info/informacni-centrum

5. Kostelany

GPS: N 49°12.18445', E 17°22.97077'; 29,4 km from Zlin

It is a municipality with several tombs; burial grounds, and a historical conciliatory cross under the hilltop Kameňák.
Ranč Kostelany – a western-like town that also provides horse riding trips has been created for American western lovers.
www.obeckostelany.cz, www.kostelany.cz

6. Kroměříž

GPS: N 49°17.87108', E 17°23.58698'; 34,1 km from Zlin

Květná zahradaIn Kroměříž you will find a unique monument listed in UNESCO – the combination of Arcibiskupský zámek (Archbishop´s castle) and the garden architecture of Podzámecká and Květná garden. You can also visit Muzeum Kroměřížska (Museum of Kroměříž), Biskupská mincovna (Pastoral mint) or several churches. Near Kroměříž you can find the town Hulín, where you can visit the museum of toys.

Informační centrumInformation center
Velké náměstí 115, Kroměříž
Phone number: +420 573 321 408, www.mesto-kromeriz.cz

7. Na Tesáku

GPS: N 49°21.97077', E 17°46.38055'; 29,7 km from Zlin

When visiting the Kroměříž area you should not omit the natural reserve Tesák. The natural vegetation of pine-oak is one of the best-preserved vegetation of this type in Hostýnské vrchy (Hostýn Hills).

8. Na Trojáku

GPS: N 49°21.31723', E 17°48.82913'; 25,3 km from Zlin

Troják is a sought after summer and winter tourist resort where several hiking trails as well as cycle routes meet up. The educational path Tesák and the trail Hostýnská magistrála, which is kept in shape for cross-country skiing in winter by machines, run through here. Along the ridge you can get to Tesák or Svatý Hostýn.

9. Rusava

GPS: N 49°20.90565', E 17°41.34503'; 30 km from Zlin

An interesting place in the municipality is an evangelical church and the museum Rusava, you will be astonished by an engaging show of the history of the municipality, local culture and the way of life of the inhabitants. In the municipality, you will find six timbered cottages and buildings which were listed in the List of immovable cultural monuments. Rusava is also a favourite destination for summer and winter tourism, the surroundings boast a wide net of tracks for walking and cycling. The pilgrim path from Velehrad to Svatý Hostýn goes through here, the educational paths "Rusavské chodníčky" and "Portášské chodníčky" and also the educational path Hostýnské vrchy (Hostýn Hills). In the winter the surrounding area has operating ski lifts and maintained cross-country skiing trails.

10. Rymice

GPS: N 49°20.51455', E 17°31.57245'; 29,2 km from Zlin

In the municipality, you can visit Areál památek lidového stavitelství východní Hané, in which you will find village dwellings presenting the way of life and housekeeping in Haná villages in the 18th and the 19th century. From the nearby Bořenice a wind mill of the German type was brought in. Another interesting thing about Rymice is Rymická tvrz that was built in the 16th century. Since 2006 the museum with expositions "Z historie obce", "Cestou větru" (exhibition of windmills in Moravia and Silesia) and "Brázdou času" (Insight into the history of the rural people in Haná) can be found here.

11. Střílky

GPS: N 49°8.39723', E 17°12.91120'; 49 km from Zlin

An interesting place at the municipality is the free public access baroque castle and baroque cemetery. Following the blue trail you will get to the ruins of castle Střílky.

12. St. Hostýn

GPS: N 49°22.60918', E 17°42.08188'; 35,1 km from Zlin

Svatý HostýnThe mountain Hostýn consists of two mountain tops – the higher northern one with a viewing tower (the highest one in Moravia) and a wind-powered station and the western pilgrim temple and pilgrim houses. In one of them you will find a unique Jurkovič sál, in which the Svatohostýnské museum is located. The grand position of St. Hostýn is multiplied by a unique basilica minor Nanebevzetí Panny Marie. On the way to it, should you be following the red trail from Bystřice pod Hostýnem you can pass the Water chapel in which the statue of Panna Marie the so-called Hostýnská Madonna. Under the terrace a robust water spring appears. An interesting fact is that one of the base stones of the National theatre in Prague comes from Hostýn. Source of the photograph: archive of the town Bystřice pod Hostýnem

13. Chropyně castle

GPS: N 49°21.33197', E 17°21.89947'; 38,6 km from Zlin

Zámek ChropyněNám. Svobody 30, Chropyně
Phone number: +420 573 355 074, +420 734 173 890
muzeum@muzeum-km.cz, www.muzeum-km.cz

A renaissance building altered round about the year 1615 into an interesting mannerist castle was widened and built upon based on the design of G. P. Tencalla by Matyáš Porst. This alteration from the beginning of the 18th century gives Chropyně roughly its current look (decor of the front and the shape of the roofing of the tower are from later on). The castle keeps a remarkable collection of historical weapons and a collection of paintings by the Czech painter Emil Filla. The castle lies in the neighbourhood of Chropyně lake which is a national natural monument.


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