Parking for buses

Parking Březnická

St. Březnická, GPS 49°13'15.499"N, 17°39'32.439"E
Opening hours: Mon.–Fri. 7:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m., Sat. 7:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
Price: 25 CZK/hour
Phone number: +420 604 293 022, +420 604 227 956, e-mail: podchod@tszlin.cz, www.tszlin.cz 
You can book a place in advance.

Parking 14|15 Bata Institute

St. Vavrečkova 7040, GPS 49°13'30.190"N, 17°39'30.745"E
Parking only for the time necessary and it should be set in advance.
Price: 30 CZK/hour, in 30 minutes free
Phone number: +420 573 032 111, info@14-15.cz, www.14-15.cz

Parking at the bus station

St. Trávník, GPS 49°13'33.523"N, 17°39'36.928"E
Parking is only possible when the ticket office at the station´s office building is open, Mon.–Fri. from 6.30 a.m. to 3.30 p.m.
The parking fee pay to Mrs. Valová, phone number: +420 606 704 145, in the 1. floor, at the station's office building.
Price: 242 CZK/day
Parking information: +420 602 507 196, petr.hradil@zgroup.cz



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