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Městské divadlo

Představení Cesta do pravěkutřída Tomáše Bati 4091/32, Zlín
Phone number: +420 577 636 111, www.divadlozlin.cz
City theatre, also with performances for children. 



Malá scéna

Malá scéna ZlínŠtefánikova 2987, Zlín
Phone number: +420 773 235 555, www.malascenazlin.cz


Bohuslav Martinů Philharmonic Orchestra

Kongresové centrum Zlínsquare T. G. Masaryka 5556 (Congress center Zlín), Zlín
Phone number:
+420 577 005 730, www.filharmonie-zlin.cz



Golden Apple Cinema

GA Cinemasquare Míru 174, Zlín
Tickets reservation: +420 571 817 255 or www.gacinema.cz
Multicinema with six modern halls.



The Grand Cinema - CLOSED

Filmový festivalsquare Práce 2511, Zlín
Tickets reservation: +420 571 817 255 or www.gacinema.cz
The cinema is now closed due to the bad technical conditon!



Building "21" – Zlín skyscraper

21. budovatřída Tomáše Bati 21, Zlín
Phone number: +420 577 043 111
On the top of the building there is a terrace with a beautiful view on Zlin. Also you can see the special office in the elevator in the first floor. 



14|15 Baťův institutVavrečkova 7040, Zlín
Phone number:
+420 573 032 111;
Museum: www.muzeum-zlin.cz, gallery: www.galeriezlin.cz
14|15 BATA INSTITUTE: www.14-15.cz, library: www.kfbz.cz

The permanent exhibition of the Museum of Southeast Moravia named The Baťa Principle: Today's Fantasy, Tomorrow's Reality introduces the history of the Baťa Company from its establishment in 1894 until the nationalization of the Czechoslovak part of the concern after World War II. The exposition also includes collections of shoes and shoemaking machines. There is also an exhibition on the history and present of film-making in Zlín, with an important section dedicated to the travellers' collection - Jiří Hanzelka and Miroslav Zikmund as the most famous, and others. The fifth floor houses an exhibition of František Bartoš, a pre-Baťa Zlín native, a teacher, ethnographer and folklorist. It introduces his life and work, but also offers interactive entertainment for young visitors.



Lesní čtvrt III/5443, 760 01 Zlín 
Phone number: +420 736 734 511, +420 732 804 937, e-mail: zas@zas.czwww.zas.cz

Except sky observation you can visit talks, exhibitons or concerts. 

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