The Health Trails, Playgrounds


The Health Trail "Tlustá hora"

Stezka zdraví

The Health Trail, built on the property of municipal forests below Tlustá hora Hill, offers opportunities for active leisure time to citizens of our town and other people - jogging, cycling, children's games, bodybuilding, physical workouts, family trips and outings. The "central area of the health trail" with an atypical forest gazebo, a suspension bridge, five stations with exercise equipment (horizontal bar, parallel bars, wall bars, slide, children's jumpers, etc.) is accessible by several marked trails: from Letná - Pod Rozhlednou St., from Pod Majákem district, from Prštné - Nerudova St. and from Podhoří - U Slanice St. Information panels will help you find your way.

The Lazy area

Areál Lazy

The Lazy area is dominated by the "Burnt Oak" gazebo. The trails are lined with benches, resting areas and panels that inform tourists about local ornithological research, the proposed method of forest management according to the approved plan, etc. The wooden structures have a natural character that fits in well with the local landscape.




Jižní Svahy – playground „Pyramida" 

in the Central park (public transportation access: station "Česká")Pyramida

Playground with a title of "The most beautiful playground for children" 



Jižní Svahy 

in the Central park (public transportation access: station Křiby)

Třígenerační hřiště JS

Fun for all generations.




Another playgrounds

Bartošova quarter – park „Velryba" (public transportation access - station "Dřevnická")
Maják – Nová točna (public transportation access - station "Maják–Točna")
Playground in the park Komenského (public transportation access: station "Školní or náměstí Míru")

Playgrounds with many modern game elements.

Special playground for parkour sports: Obeciny XIX (public transportation access: Přílucká)

All playgrounds in Zlin you can find on official Zlín city websites.

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